A fire Safety Signage Journal: Measures and Enforcement

The Australian bushfires burnt out communities, wildlife, and the thick smoke haze relayed worldwide had taken a toll on the tourism industry. Although fire safety and interest have been hot for years, most of us still take the presence of safety fire signs for granted. Fire protection remains a defensive industry whose acquisition activity has ignited recently. But while we may not pay heed to it on a typical day, it can be the difference between life and death during a fire emergency. Poor air quality, safety concerns are the outcomes associated with massive fires. According to Australian legislation, fire safety policies protect the occupants within the property under the AS 1851 provision of the law. The AS 2295 mandates the building management to create emergency escape and exit signs on the property.  

The fire safety signs ensure that your home, workplace and property is secure, protected and ready in case of a fire emergency.   

Significance of fire safety signs 

The safety signs in Australia are protection signage that indicates a range of health and safety instructions. The symbols act as hazard warnings, safety information or instructions. Safety fire signs involve images or text in various colours depending on the safety warning or message they convey. Many people recognise the symbols for things such as fire exits or fire extinguishers, but there are many symbols that we’re not familiar with yet.  

Type of safety procedures Signage 

Fire extinguisher 

Generally, a fire extinguisher sign sustains a small description of the fire extinguisher’s type and uses. These safety signs are found in different colours, commonly being red and green. These signs serve as instructions detailing what and how to operate the fire extinguisher. It is a legal requirement that all fire equipment is easy to access and indicate appropriate signage. 

 Fire Action Signage 

A fire action sign describes the mode of action in the event of discovering a fire. This signage usually includes who to phone and details about the nearest meeting point. According to government regulatory reform, it is important to inform the occupants of fire safety instructions and convenient action methods during an emergency. This safety sign normally contains instructions and mandatory actions required in the event of fire and emergency. 

Prohibition Sign

The prohibition signs are almost always red and white, signifying danger or a “do not” symbol with prohibition action written underneath the safety sign. These signs make the occupants aware of the restrictions and prohibitions of hazard or fire risk activities. Legal requirements oblige the occupants to take appropriate actions and adhere to the policies and regulation of the building. 

Fire exit signs

The fire exit signs inform the occupants of an estate regarding the nearest safe evacuation route and general evacuation procedures during an emergency. These signages also offer detailed information such as how to open emergency exit doorways, etc. The higher management of commercial buildings has a legal obligation to ensure every occupant of the building understands evacuation methods quickly and efficiently. 

Mandatory Signs 

Mandatory signs symbolise specific, created to reduce the risk of danger by detailing safety instructions like “Do not knock”, “wash hands”, “staff only” to reduce hazards associated with certain behaviours. It is important to place these signages in an obvious location like doors or any place visible to the occupants. 

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